Driving progress at NerdWallet — and beyond

We believe that doing right by our employees, our consumers, and our communities is just good business. Learn how our commitment to corporate citizenship is helping shape a stronger, more empowered workplace and world.

Our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts

DE&I is baked into everything we do. We’re proud to offer a twice-yearly pay equity review process, state-of-the-art career growth programs, and a variety of employee resource groups, like Nerds of Color and NerdWomen.

Corporate social responsibility at NerdWallet

22 percent of Americans are unbanked or underbanked, meaning they lack options when it comes to personal, mortgage, and commercial loans. Our CSR program is expanding financial access by supporting the work of community development credit unions serving low-to-moderate income communities.

Our 2022 environmental, social, and governance report

In 2022, we fine-tuned and collected data on our environmental, social, and governance initiatives, many of which have existed for years. For the first time ever, we’re showcasing how we achieve our goals with integrity and align our actions with our mission, our vision, and our values.

How — and why — we do business


To provide clarity for all of life’s financial decisions.


A world where everyone makes financial decisions with confidence.

Our values

We live and breathe our values every single day — not just for ourselves, but for our consumers and our communities, too.
Consumer, Company, Team, Self
We lean on each other to succeed. Understanding different viewpoints and celebrating our coworkers' wins lead to stronger decisions and teams.
Relentless Self-Improvement
We take responsibility for getting better every day. We humbly embrace what we don't know and aren't afraid to ask questions.
Open, Candid, and Constructive
We are active participants in every interaction. We share feedback with clarity and receive feedback with courage.
Informed Risk-Taking
We set actionable goals that challenge the status quo, knowing it’s safe to fail so long as we learn along the way.
We ask, “What can I do to improve the results?” and view challenges as opportunities to find the right solution.